You decide to get away from the man. He's obviously insane, just like everything else here. Maybe the sun has gone to his head, or maybe this is all an illusion. Either way, you don't feel the urge to put up with it. You back away slowly, hands up in a placating manner.

"What, are you running away?" he shouts. He throws down his cigarette, clearly furious. "So now you're a coward too, huh? On top of everything else, you're a fucking pussy? You scared? I'll give you a reason to be scared!"

He rushes towards you. You turn to get away. . .

. . .and trip.

You fall.

You try to catch your balance, but there's nothing to catch. There's no floor-- the ground has simply vanished, and you tumble into a dark abyss cut into the dry desert dirt. As the air whips past you, you're turned around so that you're facing upwards, and you can see the man looking down from the edge of the crevasse you've fallen in to. The man gets smaller and smaller with distance, becoming a silhouette, then a vague figure, until you cannot see him anymore, and the sky is just a slash of light in the vast darkness. The rock walls of the hole fly past, and some part of you is waiting to hit either them or the ground.

The sides of the hole never touch you, but you do eventually land. After ages and ages of falling, you land with a thump on something soft and damp.

You stay still for a moment, heart racing. Are you hurt? You don't feel hurt, but maybe you're in shock. How far did you fall?

When you look up, you see the light from the desert. It is nothing but a small slit of whiteness far above you.

Down here, it's dark. Too dark to see anything.

You shouldn't be alive. But you are.

You get up. The fact that you can get up at all must be a miracle. You've known people who've hurt their backs tripping on the sidewalk; you should be a puddle of goop right now.

It's impossible to see, so you feel around blindly for any kind of support. You walk carefully, sticking your leg out at each step, feeling for irregularities in the floor. Despite some loose rocks, the floor seems to be flat and solid, and when you kneel down to touch it, it feels like glassy, polished stone. Whatever place this is, it was built by people, or had people in it once upon a time.

You walk slowly on.

-->[You Wander through the Cavern]