You decide to attack the weakest and nearest target first: the pale man.

He screams shrilly when you lunge for him, and the two of you topple to the floor, the dagger slashing away almost if its own accord. Despite the dagger's intensity and desire, you miss; the pale man wriggles and worms his way just shy of your blade and just out of your reach, and he scurries across the floor with ratlike grace. A snarl escapes your throat and you quickly launch to your feet. The edges of your vision are red, and you are filled with an intense, predatory focus.

In fact, you're so consumed by your thirst for blood, so focused on the terrified eyes of the pale man, that you don't even notice the Batman coming behind you. The only when you feel his massive hands wrap around your neck that you realize he's there, and before you can make any final act, a deafening snap fills your ears.

Everything grows dark.

* * * * *

You were killed by the Barman!

Try again?