You don't know exactly why you choose to kill the man in the jacket first. Perhaps it's the way his face is unnaturally shadowed, or the strange way his voice seems to affect you. Whatever the reason is, you decide he should be the first to go.

You smile at The Barkeep and gesture that you'd like a drink.

He grins toothily and goes behind the counter to get your drink ready. You move to the open stool beside the man in the jacket, who isn't looking at you, but has his head down towards his drink.

You sit down beside him and wait until The Barkeep's back is turned. Nobody is expecting it. Calmly, quietly, you take out the knife and stab the man in the jacket in the back. When you take the knife out, there's a rush of air, but no scream, and some small part of you realizes you must've gotten him in the lungs. He grabs the bar for support and knocks over his drink, and you stab him again quickly, this time aiming higher. You knock off his large hat and get him in the back of the throat.

To your surprise, you see that the man's blood is pitch black. It seeps into the bandages that were wrapped around the entirety of his head.

The man slumps forward.

There's a crash of shattered glass. You look up and see the other two men staring at you, frozen. The Barkeep has dropped the glass he was pouring for you, and the pale man's eyes are saucer-wide.

Who's next?

-->[Attack The Barkeep]

-->[Attack The Pale Man]