You decide to go for the weakest looking target and kill the pale man first. Surprise is on your side; none of them are expecting it, and in one fell swoop, the dagger is lodged into the man's throat with a solid squelch. He can't even scream. Blood spurts from his throat, and he falls to the floor.

You reach out to take your dagger back, but a large, unnaturally large, hand has grabbed you from behind. The massive hand of the Barkeep wraps around your throat, its fingers crushing your wind pipe.

"What are you doing?" hollers the Barkeep.

The man in the jacket is kneeling over his friend, trying to staunch the bleeding.

As your vision goes dark, you sense the dagger in your hand. The warmth is had given you recedes as you fall into darkness, and though there are no words, you know exactly what it's thinking:

I'm disappointed in you.

Try again?