I started a new job as a janitor in a hospital about a month ago. It's about as fun and glamorous as it sounds but it's better in a lot of ways than what I was doing before plus I've been getting a lot of complements on the work I'm doing. It's also leaving me sore. I'm trying to bend with my legs rather than my back (as far as I can tell this is good advice above about fifteen pounds and inconsequential otherwise but I'm trying to follow conventional wisdom in general on the off chance that back injuries can form overtime) and I'm waking up with legs that are way sorer than I expect. Maybe it's all the standing too and I know I'm out of shape but it almost hurts to walk in the mornings.

I've been painfully lackadaisical in my attitude toward noding this November. Part of that is at least a bit of exhaustion with learning a new job that has a lot of layers but another part is that I'm really fed up with the process. I have so many half finished write-ups and so many stories who beatific image in my mind could be marred by the process of actually typing them out (and don't tell me you've never had an idea that seemed excellent and died in the birthing process, it happens) I feel like I'm playing Russian roulette with my precious ideas every time I sit down to write. Yes, yes, melodromatic, but that's how it feels.