I grow again

I buy my self a dozen roses
while you are gone

I pick up my books
and the clothes that I want
eat some soup
put your laundry in the washer

I go to a concert alone
and sing in two more
in four days
you tell me break a leg
after the concert is over
both days

I write poems
what is normal?
what is a normal relationship?
do I want to be a saint?
an angel? a doll?

I am building a new chamber
out of tears, denial, anger
books, poems, music
the flight an eagle building a nest
walks in the woods and on the beach
my ex calls, I call my adopted mother

I am building a new chamber

when I move in
I seal the old one
so that I can breathe
rise to float
sink deep

I am building a new chamber

are you?

Iron Noder: Tokyo Drift 19