I had a very productive day today.
Making a knife out of a saw blade is more difficult than expected, but after about 10 hours.. it looks like a knife and I am actually quite proud of my efforts.

I'm only writing today because of lizardinlaw's log.

I, hopefully, had nothing to do with GF leaving. I do, however think that blaming Trump for GF leaving is a little.. unreasonable.

Modern media's job is to create panic and views. My response to that, I don't watch TV or listen to the radio, so I might be missing something.
Most of us have been on E2 for over a decade, and Trump wasn't here for all the shit fights in the last decade.

I often blame parents and society for general problems. Trump, for some people, at the moment is representing this 'society'.

I don't blame our PM for *me* being an asshole. I'm an asshole for reasons I haven't written about yet. Those reasons are my own and you can't use them.

Own your shit.

I hate writing on the phone, so this is short and crap.