"The Tsuranga Condundrum" is the fifth episode of the eleventh series of Doctor Who, and was first broadcast November 4, 2018 It was written by showrunner Chris Chibnall, and starred Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor.

The story is introduced by having the Doctor and her three companions searching for something on a junkyard planet, when they accidentally detonate a sonic mine, and find themselves waking up on a hospital spaceship that...just happened to be passing by them at that exact moment? That part is never explained, but we soon find ourselves in another mystery: the hospital ship, which carries only two crew and four other passengers (a pregnant man, a general who is ill with "Cotton Fever", and the general's brother and clone), has felt an impact while going through an uncharted region of space...and before we know it, the Doctor, still injured from the explosion, has to solve the mystery and get everyone on the ship to safety. And, of course, someone has to deliver a baby.

Like much of Doctor Who under Chibnall and Whittaker, I am happily surprised at how "no frills" Doctor Who is. Doctor Who is both a conceptual science-fiction show, and an adventure show with standard plots. This episode was a "base under siege" story on a spaceship, and both in terms of design, and plot, it looks a lot like such classic stories as 1975's "Ark in Space", much more than it looks like a more conceptually intricate take on the same concept, 2011's The God Complex. The story does contain some conceptual threads: the climax of the episode involves a death and a birth, simultaneously, and along with the Doctor's statement that "every living thing wants something", the episode seems to be tied together by the idea of the "circle of life", which might seem like a trite idea, but the episode executes it well. Also, along with its examination of family relationships, it seems that it might be developing something of a series arc idea.

So far, every episode of Doctor Who has been a pretty well-executed take on familiar Doctor Who concepts, something that seems to be a good start to the series. I do believe that the series will start building to something more complicated, but for now, I am just as happy that Chibnall is dishing up classic Doctor Who.