This document is currently not being maintained. Features and nodes mentioned may or may not exist.

Community directory, version 0.2.3 (2009-01-08)

This is the draft version of a central repository for community information and links. It may be updated to include nodes or links that you suggest, upcoming events, and news that may be relevant to the social fabric and nature of E2. Or maybe not. We shall see.

Since I haven't consulted any of the "community" nodes' maintainers, it's only fair that I volunteer to do the work that may come with the extra publicity. Please feel free to contact me as well as the nodes' regular maintainers with your updates, corrections, concerns, suggestions, and wads of cash. Please feel welcome to do the same in the future, should you find that some node maintainers do not respond to your request for an entry to be added or changed. -ap

Internal links

Your one-stop shop for nodes about people and events. Eventually we hope to turn the content of these nodes into registry entries (when registries are implemented, that is) and do away with the bulk of them. They're clunky and hand-cranked but they're also all we have at the moment.

E2 Gatherings
E2's social calendar. This is what it's really about. Find out who is hosting what and where, and who intends to be there. Meet the social butterflies of the collective. Be one yourself. Originally compiled by Walter, it is now run by Two Sheds.
The birthday list
Fill your calendar with noders. Send your love, gifts, and slightly disturbing wishes to your favourite noders on that special day. Maintained by creases.
The E2 Hospitality index
On the road and need some crash space? Spend the night with total strangers you met on teh intarweb. If you're worried about that, just think that they're the sort of people who would let total strangers that they met on teh intarweb sleep in their house. Maybe everyone should reconsider using the Index. Still, since we have not heard of anyone having been killed or unwillingly molested after using the Index, our record beats that of myspace, hands down. Created by CzarKhan; maintained by alex.
The Everything Mailing Address Registry
If you're silly enough to put your address on the net for anyone to see, this is the place for you. Just so you know, people *do* use this registry so expect to get mail before the year is over. The registry may be viewed by logged-in users only. Maintained and creases.
The Everything People Registry
Who is where and what do they do there? This registry answers the first question. Noders are sorted by country and state. Originally created by moJoe and now maintained by TheDeadGuy, alex, and a cast of dozens. Data from this registry are also used to compile the Everything Census.
The Everything Instant Messenger Registry
This lists noders' AOL Instant Messenger names, ICQ numbers, and some other old-fashioned means of communication. Created by WonkoDSane and maintained by panamaus before passing into the hands of the admin collective.
The E2 forum
Noders-only message board for all sorts of topics. A bit of additional infrastructure for projects to be worked on, too.

Regular events

Secret Santa
Every year since 2001, one suckerperson here decides that the best way to understand the concept of a logistical nightmare is by experiencing one of their own design. This hapless individual then organises a worldwide gift exchange filled with postal rates, frustration, and holiday spirit. Radical empiricists so far have included GangstaFeelsGood (2001), Anml4ixoye (2002-3), gwenllian (2004-6), The Debutante (2007), and moosemanmoo (2008). Keep your eyes open some time around September.

E2-related external sites and projects

The E2 Annex
Created and maintained by in10se, all sorts of data about E2 and its people have been collected and can be found here.
E2 on Frappr
Kind of like the People Registry but prettier and with maps.
The Everything2 team is still around and cracking something or other. Searching for OGRs is getting most of the action these days. E2 has a team that may or may not be doing much today but achieved a pretty high ranking early on.
E2 Meetup
Meetup used to be a pretty big thing around 2002-ish. It's still there. We're at