Can great old city Copenhagen withstand the onslaught of noders? Be there or be a rectangular thing an equilateral rectangle!

Add 50 and 30 and you get 80 Well, archiewood won't be there, so... well... um...

But we PARTY ON anyway, just like we intended!

Date: April 7 through 10, 2009

Place: Labyrinten*, just outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

As stated in the charming Augustine's nodermeet invitation there is going to be a Danish nodermeet in April, 2009.

Here's the skinny: I am turning 50. Good friend archiewood is turning 30. I want to go to his birthday party, and he wants to come to mine - so we decided to combine the two, making it a gigantic nodermagnet of a birthday party, hopefully attracting noders from far and near to come help us celebrate.

I'll be able to put up any number of noders, really, as long as they bring their own sleeping gear. I can scrounge up some five or six mattresses, but they'll be yoga mat-ish. We'll have a big house at our disposal, with two kitchens, some... I dunno how many rooms, 10 toilets but only one shower, a garden with a place to make a fire and stuff... and so on and so forth.

The place is located just outside Copenhagen city, and we can take a bus (2 min. walk to busstop, 15 min. ride) or the Metro (8 min. walk, 5 min. ride) to go see some of the touristy things, like The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, and The Tivoli Gardens, and... well, there's lots to see in an old city like this. And it's all within walking distance! There are some really nifty churches in Copenhagen as well, and lots of nice cafés, should we be so inclined. Like most major cities there are tour bus rides around the city, and a canal tour through the harbours. (Alas, contrary to what was more than hinted at in the nodetitle, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival won't be until July, but I hope I'll be forgiven for that small deception).

The actual night of celebration will be the night when most noders are present. As we near the time we'll see who comes when, and decide on one night in particular to be the PARTY NIGHT. But, of course, every night will be a party when noders are assembled.

Should some noders wish to come earlier or stay longer it can be arranged. I have floor room for two for a couple of nights, and I know there are some fairly inexpensive hostels around and in the city.

Anyway: this is your first warning. As people say their yays and nays we'll be updating this node, hopefully to end up with something akin to a plan. Looking forward to hearing from you.

(To whom it may concern: Directions on my scratchpad "Mermaids, Jazzers, and Beeerdrinkers: how to get to Labyrinten from Copenhagen airport, Kastrup", should I miss you at the airport).

Who will be there for sure:

Who might make it:

  • AndrewAguecheek is positively hypothesizing about the possibility that he'll be able to come.
  • cryforhelp will be there, schedules permitting.
  • Noung, getting his ass in gear!
  • ?

Who will require being trampled by geese. Or geezers, for that matter:

Update: If need arises we can stay in the house 'till Sunday 12. Some noders may only be able to make the weekend, but we won't let that stop us at all.

* This is the place I work. It's really cool.