Darkness on March 1, 2006

Our Gracious Host is planning on doing some infratructure maintenance, as a result the nodesphere will be without power and network for several hours. Don't panic.


Update 3-2-2006 3:20pm We got a little bonus darkness thru March 2, due to our NFS server needing a little post-power-cycle lovin'. Rebooting can be hard work sometimes.

Update 3-3-2006 9:50am Swapped out the network cards in the flailing server. Let's see how she holds.

Update 3-6-2006 10:05pm We now have a new(ish) server. It's running a new fedora core 4 install. Lots of stuff is going to be broken for the next day or so. Sorry about that.

Stuff That's Broken

  • Homenode pic upload (fixed - 3-8 10am)
  • lots of random 500 Internal Server Error messages (Thanks for your reports. I've streamlined some of the DB issues and tweaked a couple dozen timeout variables. Fixing this is Priority One.)
  • A bunch of stuff that's async (this should be fixed for the most part)
  • probably a dozen other things (please report to me in cbox or via e2webmaster email)

P.S. You should give a shout out to George Rauch -- grauch at bus.umich.edu -- who worked on this thing for hours despite it not being anywhere near his job description. He is a good man who will help a brother out.

P.P.S. We had a brief problem with disk space this morning (3-8), which has been resolved. Things should be mostly functioning normally again.