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  1. Q: What is a gathering node?
  2. Q: Are there any naming or format conventions for gathering nodes?
  3. Q: What is an aftermath writeup?
  4. Q: Where should aftermath writeups be created?
  5. Q: What happens to old gathering and aftermath nodes?
  6. Q: Is there a gathering and aftermath metanode?

Q: What is a gathering node?

A: A gathering node, also called a "get-together node" or a "gathervetisement", is an invitation to an Everything2 get-together being hosted by the node's creator.

Q: Are there any naming or format conventions for gathering nodes?

A: Heck, no. You can call it anything you want, and put any information you deem necessary in the text. Use common sense: clearly you'll want to convey by the title that this is an event so potential guests will notice and read it. You will want to say in the writeup where it will be and when, what activities they can look forward to, and whether food will be provided or if the meal(s) will be a communal effort. If you or other noders in your area can provide lodging or transportation, that is also useful info as are phone numbers and email addresses of organizers and other points of contact. You may wish to use the invitation as a request for suggestions regarding where, when, and what, and then you can udpate the node as people weigh in with their opinions.

As word spreads, attendees may add writeups to the gathering node as a way of asking for help fom the group ("I need a ride from the airport Friday night") or offering the use of their resources toward the common good ("I have a ridiculously large vehicle and can transport up to twenty noders at a time to and from the airport. HUA!") These writeups should be removed when they are no longer needed, unless they somehow manage to be remarkably entertaining. As an alternative, consider /msging the host with your request or offer, and he or she can update the main writeup.

Q: What is an aftermath writeup?

A: An aftermath writeup is one in which a noder who attended the gathering shares his or her impressions and experiences. If something extraordinary, funny, touching, or horrible happened at the meet, others who didn't attend may want to hear the tale.

Q: Where should aftermath writeups be created?

A: Aftermath writeups should be created under the original gathering node after the party's over. However, guests may also post their accounts in the daylog for the day of the get-together.

If you choose the second option, you may wish to /msg an editor asking that a firmlink be created to link the gathering node with the appropriate daylog. This will make it easier for people to find them.

Please do NOT create a second, separate "aftermath node" for the event; we prefer to keep everything gathering-related in one node in order to reduce clutter and confusion.

Q: What happens to old gathering and aftermath nodes?

A: In many cases, these types of nodes are deeply important to the people who make up our little community on the Web. Therefore, they will not be deleted unless their removal is requested or they are seriously lacking in content. (An example of this might be a single-writeup node inviting people to a meet that occurred a year ago, consisting of little more than a time and directions.)

Q: Is there a gathering metanode?

A: Yes indeedy! It's called E2 Gatherings. If you have created a gathering node and would like it added to the list, please /msg whoever is currently maintaining the metanode.

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