The Slut Manifesto

by Lizzard Amazon --- aka user Candiru on Everything2
from the zine Slut Utopia, 1993

The Slut Manifesto, Part 1: Ranting
The Slut Manifesto, Part 2: Systems In and Out
The Slut Manifesto, Part 3: What To Do

Part 1: Ranting

Every time a woman performs a sexual act, a commodity is exchanged.

Every time I fuck I am engaging in prostitution; the pussy may be given away for free, but it is still a possible object of commerce.

Who I fuck and how many people I fuck, and how I decide to fuck them, defines who I am to the rest of the world.

If you knew I would fuck you without knowing you, with passion, with anger, with tenderness, not holding anything back of myself, what would you think of me? And what would you think of me when you saw me fuck the next person, with equal lust and vulnerability?

Consumable pussy vs. consumer penis

If I walk out into the street with breasts bared there is no question I am giving something away for free. Not only that but i am advertising that I would do more, making myself a prime target to every hunter of free pussy on the street with me. And I can only dream of sitting on the bus, in a miniskirt, without being immediately assaulted and harrassed; the mere possiblity that my cunt might accidentally be exposed attracts attention.

When a man exposes his penis to public view it is seen as threatening. He can follow a woman down a dark street and she is embarrassed, ashamed, and frightened as well as angry. His action is clearly a menace to society and any decent man must rush to the poor woman's rescue. Oh save her from that dangerous penis! Who knows what that flabby little lump of flesh might do if it were unleashed!

The penis practically has a life of its own, desiring, moving from a flaccid to an erect state, fucking, etc. Many men give their penis names and otherwise anthropomorphize them. In a heterosexual porn movie the penis is a whole extra actor. The camera follows its life as it reacts to and interacts with various parts of female bodies. As the main actor, it must be erect and performing during the whole movie. The climactic moments of the plot of the life of the penis are reached in the come shot, when the penis reaches its individual fulfillment. A penis is not a commodity. It is an extension of men's humanness.

No one will arrest me for exposing my pussy, unless I display it in front of children, who are obviously more helpless than me. The sight of women's sexuality might corrupt and scar them for life! They must be protected, but not men. My pussy is never a threat to men, it is always an invitation.

So I must recognize I am being Consumed and come to terms with this.

Fooled by free love and the sexual revolution

Brought up with ideals of the 60's "sexual revolution" permeating our culture, I believed in Free love. I happily fucked anyone who seemed to desire me, pleased to be able to please others so easily. I expected that because i was nice, loving, and sweet, along with the fucking, that i would get love in return. but i didn't, i got scorn and disapproval. Everyone was amazed at my naivete at giving away pussy for free. I got used. Everyone talked bad about me. Women hated me because I was a slut and would give my pussy away to their boyfriends without demanding what they demanded in exchange. My free pussy lessened their value, unless they helped to make me a bad woman, a woman with no value, a cheap woman, that men would be ashamed to talk with or be nice to or be seen in public with. Since the men knew I was giving away my pussy to other men, they already knew I was cheap, and they would be foolish to value me at all except for my skill in giving them pleasure with my free pussy. Many men had too much self respect to fuck my free pussy because it was so cheap. They would desire and consume only the finest most expensive most hard to get pussies. Even my amazing skill with my pussy could be negated by the idea that since it was used so often by so many different men, it must be "loose", not like the tight pussies of their legitimate girlfriends who dispensed them more carefully and discriminatingly.

Pussy and its use in the quick creation of social obligation

Every woman must ask herself, to what extent is her pussy traded for friendship, respect, emotional intimacy, and security?

Ok so now I will fuck you. Now what do I expect? Will you love me? Will you be honest with me? Will you expect to know what I am doing tomorrow night? Will you let me into your private world, more that you would if we had not fucked? Will you tell me what you think about? Will you expect me to keep your secrets? If I do not fuck you again do you expect an explanation? If I could not pay my rent would you loan me a hundred dollars? Will you listen to my problems when I am upset? If I had a fight with my roommate would you let me sleep at your house for 3 days? Would you walk with me somewhere at night when I am afraid of rape or attack? Would you introduce me to your circle of friends?

Why or why not? Do your answers change if I fuck you more than once over a period of time? How long does it take? What if you know that I am also fucking someone else?

Pussy is never free. It is exchanged in the hope of establishing social kinship ties. Everyone knows the easiest way to make friends is to fuck someone with a lot of friends. Their friends will most likely accept you into their social kinship structure. They will expect you to come along to their parties and they may even make friends with you as a separate entity, not just as an adjunct to the person you are fucking.

So what if you stop fucking the original person? Will their friends still be your friends? Depends on how long you were hanging around. The actual fucking merely establishes a false sense of intimacy that need not be respected, once the pussy commodity is withdrawn.

The business / love relationship vs. philosophical friendship

Some women never expect friendship from the people they fuck. When you suggest they fuck a male or female friend they are very close to, they react with a sort of taboo-related shock and horror. Oh no that would ruin our friendship, I would never want to risk losing that! Why??????? If you never base your friendship/ lover status on the exchange of the pussy commodity, then the complications of the modern business/love relationship need not be considered. The philosophic ideals of traditional Platonic friendship allow you to share work, play, thoughtful conversation, concern for the other person's happiness and welfare, and respect.

Whereas in a business/love relationship, management of the pussy commodity is the main concern and focus, for you and for his interactions with you. Is the man getting enough pussy? Are you packaging it nicely, in a body is that is not too fat, with an attractive hairstyle, some makeup, and sexy clothing? Are you serving the pussy just the way the man likes it, with interesting variation and ego satisfying multiple orgasms so he can feel virile and exciting? Or, are you giving too much pussy, so that it is being taken for granted, for free, without the respect, tenderness, or flattering expressions of desire you would like to demand in exchange for it? Does he take you on a date or spend time talking with you, before he uses the pussy you are offering? Or, at the other extreme, are you forcing the pussy on him too much, so that it interferes with his work or hobby? In this case you must remember that the pussy is there to be consumed when it is desired, not to have a life and desires and needs of its own. And you better not even imagine, don't even let it enter your head, that you might give his pussy away to anyone else, without his explicit consent and participation! He must control that pussy at all times! He might be insulted if you use it yourself, if you masturbate, without his voyeurism or participation.

So why does it outrage people to suggest that pussy is never really free? Most people in our society scoff at the notion that we give food, clothing, or shelter away for free. why should pussy be free, since it is the most sought after commodity around? Mention any idea like this and you can be told that this is communism or socialism! Oh no! Or, maybe it is because you are politically naive and too altruistic, a common trait in women and children. But paying for pussy! Well, prostitution is a symptom of a decadent, corrupt, society, it erodes the moral structure of the family! It destroys the values that make civilization great and powerful!

"But I need sex too. I don't want to feel like a whore. I don't want to make men give me money for sex. " you say.

Women who have sex in a capitalist, sexist society like the one we live in, without demanding tangible, reliable payment, are still whores. A wife is a professional, very highly valued whore. A girlfriend can range anywhere as far as value. A slut is a cheap whore. There is no way out of this. Why be a foolish or cheap whore? Why not demand explicit payment for the one thing you are valued for having, your pussy. Your pussy is like nirvana, like paradise, it is the place everyone wants to be. It is not powerful in itself, but because you are the owner of it, you are powerful.

So now what?

Dark despair, violent depression! what can I do now that I realize that some or all of these things may be true!

Do not strive "to have a slavish mind to match your slavish state". In other words, don't make do with what you can get. Don't "don't worry be happy".

Don't try to forget, don't lapse into helplessness.

Do not think that the only thing to do is go buy a machine gun and slaughter all visible penis bearing human beings.

Don't personally blame all the men in your life of being in a conspiracy to steal your pussy or devalue it.

Do not hate your pussy for detracting from your humanity.

Certainly you should think about these things and if you feel them that is completely reasonable. But maybe there is hope lurking in the Pandora's "box" we have just opened. It is better to think, to loose these evil thoughts from where they are festering with your sealed up rage and resentment, than to be blind to the truth. Even if there are no immediate solutions, we can't hide from the problem for very long before it FUCKS US UP THE ASS at some point in life. The only uncertainty is whether you will get fucked by the patriarchy just constantly, just every damn time you try to accomplish something, or whether you will be lucky and it will not be till the state tries to take your child away or some man beats you up and the law does not help you or you get BREAST CANCER or some sort of FILTHY PUSSY ROT DISEASE and then DIE because no one knows anything about the health of PUSSIES. None of us will escape.

Then what can you do? I really don't know. I suggest that you never let anyone else own your pussy. Instead try:

Lots of Discussion, writing, and debate between women

Show this manifesto to other women and try to imagine and talk about what would happen if you asserted your right to truly completely own your pussy. Talk about it with other women without men around. (Then, if you want to, talk about it with men.) Write your thoughts about your pussy and how you have been using it. Try personifying your pussy; if it could talk and have a life of its own what would it say to you or to other people?

Thoughts about rape and revolution

Rape is the ultimate expression and proof of the commodity status of our pussies. Rape is so outrageous not just because it is violent, or painful, or humiliating, but because it is theft. That is why men are less upset when a prostitute or slut is raped, than if the pussy of their wife, daughter, mother, or sister is raped.

It is difficult to imagine a penis being raped. Penises are always supposed to want pussy and enjoy it. it is not humiliating for a man to have his penis surrounded forcibly by an orifice. We must consider that it is considered humiliating, painful and bad for a man to be penetrated orally or anally. Under current sexual conditions there is just no way to violate a penis other than cutting it off or sticking something into its orifice, the urethra.

These abstractly interesting thoughts lead to direct ideas of revolt and revolution. Fantasies of tough, armed gangs of women roaming the night streets, assaulting and raping men who foolishly walk alone. Secret vigilante squads of women who administer this form of "justice" to men who are found guilty of rape. Any woman who has been raped, as most or many of us have been, as children or adults, has probably had thoughts like this.

Anyone who has not been raped may be disgusted by these thoughts or think that I am sick, crazy, or exaggerating for literary effect. But my fantasy gangs of violent women are the only recourse I have, since I don't have the money to fly across the country, hire a lawyer, and spend a year or two in a probably futile court battle to legally punish my rapist with a few years in prison. In this context, it can be very comforting to imagine getting a gang of women to shove various huge, sharp objects up your rapist's asshole and to mutilate and torture his penis and brand the word "rapist" across his forehead.

Of course, even a few incidents such as this would lead to the government declaring a state of emergency. There would be immediate war upon women and this could be used to deny women any rights they've got now. The backlash upon women by individual men would be tremendous. Vigilante patrols of men would wreak revenge upon any small group of women found engaged in suspcious activity, like meeting without men present.

Now, women are violently raped, not to mention beaten, threatened, or dismembered and eaten, by crazy men, let's estimate conservatively, one every minute or so. By any logic it should be obvious that men are extremely dangerous to the social order and should be killed or kept in huge concentration camps until they prove they can behave themselves.

Despite thoughts like this I am pretty much disgusted with answering violence with violence. I don't think the world would be better if it were run by women. I think if women had power as a group like men do today and if men were second class citizens, practically subhuman, like women are today, then women would generally be corrupt assholes and men would be strong,though oppressed, survivors. So I don't particularly advocate violent revolution. I don't think it would make anything worse or better overall for people. In short while it is tempting and solves short term problems like women's powerlessness, it is not a path to social utopia, where I would like to be.

Objectify men and Humanize women's desire

Perhaps it is impossible, because of their superior economic power, to make men's penises into commodities. However, individually and collectively, women can objectify men and their penises.

They could print calenders and centerfolds of penises in ludicrous and objectified poses and situations, and put these pictures over their desks at work. they could talk about penises crudely in an objectifying way, with other women, alone or in front of men. They could talk about penises casually, their size, smell, shape, etc, and how they feel when they are in your pussy, just like they might discuss what they had for dinner last night. They could objectify and fetishize every other part of men's bodies. They could invent funny names for men's nipples and other parts of their bodies, analogous to the million odd synonyms for breasts that exists. They could invent active sounding catchy names for women masturbating, analogous to the million funny and power-wielding names men have for choking their chicken, spanking their monkey, flogging their log, beating their meat, etc.

They could regularly consume lesbian and gay porn. Gay men's porn provides excellent examples of how to objectify men. Lesbian porn, especially when it is created by lesbians, provides models and language for the active desire that women and their pussies can feel.

They could lust and demand to fuck guys in the ass with dildos or their hands. They could strap on dildos and demand that men get on their knees to suck them. They could get men to get on their knees to suck their clits.

They could create all kinds of pornography, including pornography where women degrade, imprison, rape, sexually mutilate, and kill men for their own personal fulfillment and pleasure. They should write all kinds of academic theory about fucking and pornography. They should poke into and participate in every existing cultural realm that deals with sex as well as creating entirely new ones.

These ideas may be offensive to women who believe in the superior i.e. puritan virtues of women and that women should express a sort of "natural" motherly or sisterly tenderness while fucking or desiring, I think of this as trying to create equality through insisting upon boring, insipid, politically correct, mediocre sex. Sex can certainly be tender and sweet, but it is also hot, primal, animalistic, feverish, and uncontrollable. It is just NOT hot and sexy to have to worry about equality while fucking, like whether I am being more active, or whether I am being too selfish, or too lustful, during actual fucking. Much better to get the contractual agreements and equality of relationships agreed upon before fucking, which should be as limitless and uncensored as any art.

create a flexible framework for Contractual Relationships

Before you fuck, negotiate a verbal or written contractual relationship.

This could be as simple as saying "I don't expect anything from you, I just want to fuck once for the sake of fucking, my feelings are in no way involved", and having the other person agree. Or it could be as complicated as a 10 year group marriage contract, written and signed! The possibilities in between are endlessly flexible.

Current love/business relationships are included in this framework; it would just make their structures more explicit, so you could say "I want to go out on dates with you at least 5 times before I decide if I want to have sex, and then if we have sex I am your girlfriend, with a certain status".

You could have heterosexual marriage.

You could have prostitution just like we have it now.

Nothing would have to change. But it could and probably would.

Think about : if corporations got married and divorced like individuals do, it would be a disaster! the individual should at least have the legal status that a corporation has! that is to enter into legally binding contractual relationships with other individuals or groups! Instead of following some unquestioned social norm structure such as marriage or serial monogamy, where expectations are not always clearly articulated and a huge possiblity of misunderstanding exists, people would have to actually know what they wanted. they would have to examine themeselves and their own desires.

Create sexually alternative communities with shared language and ethics and values

Once this contractural framework is made possible then people can create new forms of community where fucking is not entirely controlled by sexist capitalism.

For myself I deal with this by being slutty and never lying about it and doing this only in a community of people who share my values regarding sex and sluttiness. Actions only have meaning in a social context and so fucking can have different meanings in a community, a mini-society, where people agree on meaning. I could be fooling myself about this, though.

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