The rules for using a semicolon:
  1. Use a semicolon to connect two sentences together. These sentences should be related in some some way and conjoined with a semicolon to preserve the flow of thought rather than ending it abruptly with a period.

    I like dogs; they are loyal.

  2. Use a semicolon wherever you need a long pause or are ordering a complex list. Sometimes a comma just doesn't do it. I often conjoin two thoughts with a semicolon even when one part of the sentence or the other are not in themselves complete sentences. Sometimes, in a list of items, the listed items themselves require a comma, thus ruling the use of one out as a divider.

    I will be in Oregon on June 15th, 2000; July 22nd, 2000; August 31st, 2000 and again on your birthday.
As a writer, you control the rhythm and meter of your prose; the semicolon is a way to assist you in achieving mastery of writing flow and indeed does make you look quite a bit more astute than the next fellow. No help for it I suppose.