Ed McCracken was the former vice president of Hewlett Packard who was brought in by SGI backer, Venture Capitalist Glenn Muller. Jim Clark was already angry at Muller who took advantage of Clark's naivity of capitalism when he gave Muller a 40% stake in the company for $800,000 and had to shell out more and more as the company grew and ended up with a minority share in the company so this only gave him cause to despise VCs even more.

McCracken and Clark tried to work with each other but were opposites of each other and it soon showed. Tensions boiled over and Clark resigned on February 27, 1994, much to McCracken's joy. A fairly well known story about McCracken's first few weeks at SGI is how Clark's teenage daughter kept calling McCracken, "Ed McMuffin." Clark was always a prankster (He stuck a smoke bomb on his high school's band bus), had his aide make on of the name plates on the company executives' doors with "Ed McMuffin." It took Ed McCracken 3 days to notice when it disappeared without a word. Clark brought the incident up 5 years later to McCracken's extreme embarassment.

Today, McCracken is the Chairman of the Board of PRASAD Project and is on the board of 3M, National Semiconductor and Tularik, Inc.

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