A finger rhyme for young children. Widspread throughout the English-speaking world.

Fold hands together so that fingers are hidden inside, with thumbs pressed together and pointing straight up.
Here is the church,

Raise index fingers and put tips together to form a tall triangle.
Here is the steeple!

Separate thumbs.
Open the doors,

Turn figure 'inside out', to reveal ten fingers interlaced and wriggling.
And there's all the people!


Begin with fingers on the outside of clasped hands instead of the inside. Repeat first three steps and verses. For final verse, turn figure inside out to reveal an 'empty church'. Act very surprised, and say:
But where's all the people?
Oh, wait.
It's Saturday!

According to Google, there is also a second verse, which goes:
Here is the Parson, going upstairs.
Here is the Parson, saying his prayers.

sometimes with the order of the lines reversed. It's probably a British variant based on the language, but neither I nor Google nor my paper sources know the finger motions.