Bondage Fairies was originally published under the title of Insect Hunters in a hentai magazine. The artist, Teruo Kakuta (who operates under the nom de plume of Kondom), has decensored his art through redrawing, and translated his entire canon for Eros Comics. If you have seen these manga anywhere, it is likely to be those versions, released (to my knowledge) only in the US (there is apparently now a version being released in France, in French - the language of French people. Thanks, Linca). The rest of us have to resort to online repositories.

There are four series:
The original Bondage Fairies, a single story of 6 chapters.
The New Bondage Fairies, 16 individual volumes.
TNBF: Fairy Fetish, 8 individual volumes.
Bondage Fairies Extreme, the final series, briefly interrupted in translation but concluded at 15 chapters. A single story, like the original.

Between the original and New Bondage Fairies, Kondom seems to have either refined his style, probably a result of becoming popular enough to be granted assistants.

Bondage Fairies is regarded as special for two reasons. Firstly, and undeniably, Kondom is one of the finest hentai artists on earth (and something of an entomologist, it seems). Secondly, the subjects of his art tend to be rather bizarre. Only the most hardcore fans can handle multiple rapings by a stag beetle, or the eighth time Pamily de-wangs a grasshopper (or locust, or stick insect) with the knife in her whip handle.

Our antagonists, Pamila and Pfil (pronounced p'fill, or just fill), are two members of an elite royal police force called the Insect Hunters. Their prime function is to hunt down insects which are threatening fairies (although this includes, but is not limited to; humans, rats, squirrels, frogs - anything with a penis, in fact, or at least with a phallus-shaped limb). In their adventures, they must often submit to another creature to buy time, or are drugged, or otherwise forced into rape. Why is this? Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, the magical fairy nectar, which can cure any disease or injury. Secondly, some just prefer tight fairies over their own species. I don't blame them, for the most part.

There is one other reason. Pfil, who is morbidly afraid of male fairies, has rare blue antennae. She is therefore called apon to fulfull the occasional prophecy. Pamilia, on the other hand, is bisexual, nymphomaniacal, and now and again takes the part of aggressor.

It is interesting to note that while almost everything else imaginable happens to our poor romatically engaged heroines, there is little of the tongue-in-cheek child pornography normally associated with hentai. There are river fairies, which are fairly petite, but the scenes featuring these are rarely explicit. They are, instead, creatures that will cause the other fairies to fly into a rage when threatened.

Want to guess where the medicinal fairy nectar comes from?