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It is common for a MUD to die - it is almost unheard of for a MUD to make a comeback.
But Midian: Funnest Mud of All is doing just that.

The MUD began in 1990, before surfin' the 'net was a phrase. In its first incarnation, it lasted until 1994, when its server went down in the USA. It existed for a couple of years as a memory on Yahoo groups - until as much of the original code could be brought together.
Early 2002, it spent a short burst of it's revival in Sweden, but now it exists again in the USA - not quite restored to its former glory yet.

Things that make Midian stand out:

  • There is no PK. When Midian began, there was no PK - and many MUDs were in this category. But slowly, as the wheels of time rolled on, more and more MUDs succumbed to PK in various forms. Midian stood firm. Not registered or free-for-all PK entered the MUD.
  • It uses LPC code. LPMuds were very common in the early 1990s. But now, MUD's have much more sophisticated underlying code. But the ideas are what make Midian great.
  • The essence of fun. Midian is kooky and fun. An important social tradition of Midian is the Midian MUDwedding - you haven't seen a MUDwedding, until you've been to one on Midian. No doubt, when the player base picks up, so will the number of weddings. (These are not to be taken seriously - although there have been times when that has happened... but Midian will not be held responsible for the outcome of any such action/understanding.)
  • But most importantly, it's the players and the ideas they bring to the MUD that make it so different.