<marquee> is also a widely deprecated HTML tag found in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. In many ways, it can be looked upon as the Microsoft equivalent of the blink tag, which has often been cited as the greatest abomination of a tag found in web design.

The effect of the <marquee> tag is to have text scroll across the screen in a most unsightly manner. Quite simply, this is the most distracting and annoying thing that you can ever see when trying to read a web page, and is a clear sign that the page's author is a newbie to all of this, as I have never seen the use of this tag in a serious web site, except in jest (see Jeff K.).

If there is such a thing as HTML hell, it is a blinking marquee tag. Our only salvation in all of this is that Internet Explorer does not support the blink tag, and Netscape Navigator does not support marquee, saving the world from this hideous fate.