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Cream of the Cool

Gell-Mann amnesia is Michael Crichton's rather arbitrary name for a very specific cognitive bias. Namely, he noticed (and discussed with Murray Gell-Mann, hence the name) that when he was reading the news, he was often very critical about articles in areas he understood well, and uncritical about areas he knew little about. This gave him reason to believe that he was probably being frequently misled when reading outside his area of interest.

"Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann

The "Empire" waist dates back at least to the Ancient Greeks, where women sometimes wore loose tunics belted under the bust. The name, however, comes from the First French Empire (Napoleon Bonaparte's era), which is why it's often pronounced in the French manner as "om-peer." In the late 1700s, Europe found many things ancient Greek and Roman interesting, and neoclassical inspiration became trendy in women's fashion as well.

These Greek-tunic-inspired dresses of a light, thin fabric,…

The Incident Report was filed after Human Greg was admitted to the medical ward.

The official story was that the Aphonopelma Eutylenum, "ebony ground tarantula" called Quark got out of its enclosure, had clung to Technician X'melborp without the latter's knowledge, then jumped into Human Greg, causing him to lose balance and fall.

X'melborp wanted to throw himself on the Commander's mercy, but Greg insisted that they play the entire…

There are general rules with a subset of specific rules. The most recent invitation was from a local Arts Council in conjunction with Montclair Art Museum and an art gallery. The theme of artwork submitted had to be based on one of the five stages of grief.

Artwork had to be done within the last 3 years, a common requirement. There were no other limitations, which is rare. Typically, there's a size limit; 2D work must be…