Engines that use fuel stratified injection have excellent efficiency and greatly reduced emissions when compared to conventional diesel engines. They run using less fuel per volume of air consumed. This helps to avoid engine knocking and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. It also improves engine response under low rpm conditions.

The technology works by "concentrating an inflammable air/petrol mixture in the vicinity of the spark plug, then filling the rest of the combustion chamber with air." You may have noticed the term spark plug there. Unlike conventional diesel engines the fuel stratified injection system requires a spark plug.

Also, most fuel stratified injection engines switch to conventional injection once the rpm reaches a certain level (usually 3000-4000 rpm).

We are bound to see more of these engines in the future due to their high fuel efficiency and increasing emissions standards. The system is in fact already being used in several engines. One of which is the VW/Audi W16 engine.

Note: I am unsure as to whether there is a gasoline version or not. If anyone knows for sure feel free to create another writeup.

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