This writeup is in response to Apatrix's original wu (which has since been revised) -

I will try to contain my emotions since I am quite vexed. I've had it up to here *hand gesture to the head*, with people creating misconceptions about Islam by misrepresenting the actual facts through a distinct lack of knowledge, or quoting surah's out of context, along with a pile of unfounded, unreferenced fabrication...

Firstly it is important to note that the Quran is the sacred book of Islam which has remained unchanged in its original arabic script since it was first collated and compiled approximately 1400 years ago. The fact that you can buy two copies of the Quran from different corners of the earth and verify for yourself that the arabic IS exactly the same word for word, is testimony to this.

OK Here it is -

According to Islamic belief the Ka'bah was originally built by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael, for the worship of God (Incidentally the arabic and aramaic translation of God is Allah).

Quran Surah 2:125
And (remember) when We made the House (the Ka'bah at Mecca) a place of resort for mankind and a place of safety. And take you (people) the Maqam (place) of Ibrahim (Abraham) as a place of prayer (for some of your prayers, e.g. two Rak'at after the Tawaf of the Ka'bah at Mecca), and we commanded Ibrahim and Isma'il (Ishmael) that they should purify My House (the Ka'bah at Mecca) for those that are circumambulating it, or staying (I'tikaf) or bowing or prostrating themselves there in prayer.

Quran Surah 2:127
And (remember) when Ibrahim and Isma'il were raising the foundations of the Ka'bah (saying), "Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Verily! You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knower"

However, this holy ritual became corrupt over time and it is said that the pagan arabs in the pre-Islamic period of ignorance, circumambulated the Ka'bah in a naked state.

This inference is made by the revelation in - Quran Surah 7:26-32

These pagan arabs also turned to Idolatery. They created statues of God and and other statues besides. These other statues they called the daughters of God, namely Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. This is ironic since the pagan arabs themselves wanted only sons and considered having daughters a bad-omen. It was therefore common practice amongst them at the time to bury alive young or baby girls.

Hence the revelation that Apatrix speaks of -

Quran 53:19-22
19. Have you then considered Al-Lat and Al-Uzza
20. And Manat, the other third?
21. Is it for you the the males and for him the females?
22. That indeed is a division most unfair!

But had the very next verse have been quoted then it would leave no room for conjecture -

Quran 53:23
They are but names which you have named - you and your fathers for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow but a guess and that which they themselves desire, whereas there has surely come to them a guidance from their Lord!

No REAL Islamic scholar would even dream of translating these verses in any other light.
Originally Apatrix had attributed the root of his source to be early Islamic Scholars, but now that he has removed that statement I feel I need to justify the sentence above.

As far as accounts of concession being made by Muhammad (pbuh) to make better relations between the early muslims and the rest of the community etc. - what utter Rubbish!

There are NO such accounts! If there are then they have been manufactured by those who are threatened by Islam, and had the so called "sources" been referenced, it would be easy to prove that they were fabrications. Infact there is an authentic account related within hadith that states:
When the Quraysh tried to bribe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from leaving his message by offering him wealth and position etc. he said "If they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, I would never give up this call, either it will prevail, or I will perish"

So finally my questions remain:
  • Who are these mysterious scholars?
  • What is the full report of accounts?
  • Who/What are the sources?

    King Fahd Complex - English translation of the original Quran has been quoted in this writeup