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This is the second story. You might like to read this other one first.


Back when I first started learning necromancy, I kept it a secret from Mum. Her views on necromancy were well known. "Filthy practise," she'd say, "bringing people back from the dead. It just isn't right!" I used to ask her why it wasn't right. "It just isn't!" she'd reply. I didn't understand her point of view. I saw the good that necromancers were doing in the world; settling will disputes, solving murder cases, providing closure for the families of those who suicided. Why was that not right? So I followed my heart but kept it hidden from Mum.  I told her I was studying to be a counsellor. It was only a half-lie. Most necromancers who specialise…

Memento mori.

A language is dead when it is possible to know everything about it that exists to know. There are no new native speakers being born, no vowel shifts and consonant drift, no slang being coined, no idioms and memes developing daily and disappearing faster than they can be documented. All extant samples of the language, by its original native speakers, are recorded, analyzed, and used as teaching materials for non-nati…

MC Telemachus is also famed for his translations from the original Greek. This fragment was found amongst his juvenalia.

Yo, listen to me sista
And I’ll tell you of a mista
Spent ten years floating in the middle sea.
Pretending that he’s lost
And he counts no cost
Gotta get back home to his Penelope.

Yo man Odysseus
He go home dissin us
He be telling stories of the siren ho
He say he ain’t kissin us

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

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