(Spring Equinox--on or about March 21)

Ostara is a Pagan Sabbat: a holiday celebrated by Wiccans, Witches, and many others whose religions fall under the umbrella of Earth spirituality and Paganism. It is the origin of many of the symbols and practices now incorporated into Easter.

Ostara lore:

This is the day of the Spring Equinox, the first real day of Spring. The Goddess is now fertile and able to be a mother, while the God is reaching toward His prime. Renewal is everywhere and Nature is beginning to burst with life again as the Earth is fully reawakened from Winter's sleep.

Ostara sentiments:

This is a time to celebrate the expansion that is taking place all around. It is a time to renew ourselves and cleanse ourselves further and keep ourselves pure, and to actually begin something. At Imbolc, plans were supposedly made for the future; this is the time to begin them, to put them into motion. It is a time for giving thanks for the return of Spring.

Ostara practices:

Ostara is celebrated by doing prosperity rituals, and by putting the plans made at Imbolc into motion. Many people like to collect wild flowers and ponder what they mean. We take notice of the world's new gifts blooming everywhere. Some like to wear very bright clothes on this day, with lots of flowers in their hair and around their houses, and lots of accessories and decorations. Many take this time to actually plant seeds in their gardens, while others only plant figurative seeds that will come to bloom later. Some like to decorate and eat eggs.

The Ostara season:

Some Ostara Recipes:

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