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Medical noding for the ages!
Fighting HMO's and others that stand in the way of good health care!
The E2Medicine usergroup is alive!
Noding is good medicine! Let's roll!
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The E2Medicine Purpose

The goal of the E2Medicine usergroup is to encourage the addition of quality medical nodes related to health and the human body to Everything2. To this end, E2Medicine members should not only encourage each other, but seek out good medicine related nodes and encourage others!

The E2Medicine usergroup is a forum to share ideas, get more information, seek help, announce new medical nodes, and in general forward the cause of medical noding on E2 in any way possible. We also do things within the usergroup like nodevertising that can get you in trouble in the public arena of E2. All, however, is done not to pat each other on the backs, but to produce the best medical nodes that we can!

  • Don't hesitate to share the name of a new medical node you've written or intend to write, or to comment and vote on on another's node you've read.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help - everyone's here because we share knowledge and/or interest in the field of medicine, and someone is likely to have answers to your questions.
  • Do vote on all the medical nodes the other members write if you feel that they are quality nodes - we're here to encourage medical noding, remember? The votes are a good reward for good medical nodes, and should improve the quality and quantity of medical noding on E2, which is what we're about!
  • Never downvote another E2Medicine member's writeup unless you have given them a reason why and a sufficient chance to improve it and ask for help from other group members.
  • Never practice revenge against another user who downvoted or criticized your writeup (at least not within E2Medicine) - we're here to improve, not devolve.

E2Medicine noders - check back regularly for new ideas, bookmarks, and other information relating to E2Medicine

If you are interested in joining, /msg gwenllian.

If you are an E2Medicine noder needing help, /msg Bitriot, gwenllian or E2Medicine, or any of the individual E2Medicine noders.

Explanations for E2Medicine Utilities

Check out these new nodes!
(Also - check out the links - there are many that need new or improved writeups!)

/msg E2Medicine with new nodes you think should be listed here, or ask gwenllian for the pwd (only E2Medicine usergroup members

The Current members of the E2Medicine usergroup are listed at E2Medicine

Note - September 10, 2002

Please try to save the E2Medicine /msg's for discussion of medical nodes and topics. As our group grows, it will be important that we keep messages pertinent so as not to overwhelm our message inboxes. Thanks!

Some medically notable subjects that need new nodes or improvement of existing ones
(/msg Hexter or gwenllian if you know of others that should be listed here)

The Human Anatomy is FULL of nodable links!


otitis externa, Otalgia, nostril
Cardiac and circulatory
Hypertension, Myocarditis, Pericardial effusion, Pericarditis, Endocarditis, Aortic stenosis
Upper respiratory infection, Lower respiratory infection, Cough (fer God's sake!), Pulmonary hypertension
Hiatal hernia, hernioplasty
Bulla, subdermal
Muscular tension headache
Infectious disease
Moraxella catarrhalis, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Brain abscess
Squamous cell carcinoma
androgen, follicle stimulating hormone.
See E2 FAQ: Prescription medications for form and The top fifty prescribed medicines of 2001 for a starter list. /msg Chark or gwenllian if you need more drugs!
Other ideas:
Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Physician (!), Ventral hernia, The Human Anatomy (a HUGE list), Content Rescue list (under "Life Sciences"), Medical specialties (Surgeon is already done)

CRT medicine/science nodes in need of rescuing: (updated 18 March 2003)

Note from Chark - some of these are not obviously medical nodes, but go for it anyway if you're interested. Building our goodwill with the gods is never a bad thing!

Noding Diseases and Conditions

The following is a list in reasonable order of what will usually give a thorough description of any given disease. Bear in mind that there may be additional categories of information that will be important in some conditions - so use this as a basic set to build upon. Any questions may be addressed to Chark.

  • Historical information about the disease / discoverer, etc. (quite optional, but makes for a better writeup!)
  • Basic description of what type of problem the disease is, how common, epidemiology, risk factors, etc. Subtypes of the disease if applicable
  • Clinical features
  • Pathogenesis
  • Diagnosis - Lab, Xray, clinical signs and symptoms, definitive tests, etc.
  • Natural history/course of the disease, complications, morbidity and mortality
  • Treatment and/or long-term management
  • Prognosis
  • Prevention
Hope this is helpful - suggestions and comments are welcomed - Chark

See the bookmarks below for other interesting medical nodes: