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Cream of the Cool

Ack! The message system is broken!

Yesterday I noticed that one of my recent writeups was on the "Cool User Picks!" again, which seemed weird because I had not received one of those nifty little notifications from the system. When I checked the node, it actually had been C!ed a couple of times without the message appearing. I did see the general experience point notifications (which does not rely on the message system in e2 in the way that the…

On signs of loss

This seems the best moment for (yet another) new beginning.

  • I just lost two and a half years of my blog. I won't go into technical details, but my latest available backup is when I moved from Blogger/Blogspot into a self-hosted Wordpress blog at letras.andycyca.me. That was in mid 2014. I can recover some posts via mirrors (mostly Medium, a few submissions to other

"Heart block occurs when the AV node has problems passing on electrical signals from the SA node to the ventricles. It can be caused by problems with either the AV node or the bundle branches. If the ventricles don't receive a signal, they don't contract. This may happen only once in a while. Or, the signal may be blocked all the time."

There are several types of heart block. In my case, I was told I had a total heart block with no coronary heart disease, no…

Once again, we head out into the great unknowns, to give form to the things that don't exist, but perhaps might. That's right, it is once again time for the E2 Science Fiction And Fantasy Quest!

The quest will run from May 1st, 3017 to June 1st, 3017. All science fictional stories, poems, essays, and predictions are accepted. In the spirit of providing an inclusive environment, fairies, ghosts, mages, and gods are also welcome. Reviews and…