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Cream of the Cool

I see him before he sees me. He's carrying a bag in each hand, looking back and forth as he tries to find the girl in the plaid. I'm parked at the end of the terminal, where the rain is pouring off the edge of the roof in a near-constant stream. I smile to myself and watch, enjoying the moment of anonymity. He looks underdressed for the weather in only a t-shirt and jeans (though I appreciate the…

The scene opens with Greg sitting in front of the camera. His face is flushed, and he is giggling as he focuses the camera.

"Hehe, okeedokee, folks. X'melborp's busy, so I'm running the show today, and I am on like fifteen different kinda alien pain killers. Let's rock." He spins around in the swivel chair. "First one is. . . "

Onscreen, a line of text appears:

What is the purpose of

This article came up yesterday on Facebook:


How never to say the wrong thing....

Well, now, wait. What the hell is your goal? To always comfort people? To always say the right thing? Peaceful and sweet and niceness all the time?


And isn't it dishonest?

Isn't a true friend that loves you the friend who says, hey, this guy you are dating sounds just like the…

A limited edition book is one where the number of copies in the print run has been severely limited, usually to about 1000. They are often numbered (e.g., "This limited edition is limited to 1000. This is copy 551.") They are often special in various ways, although this ranges from special binding to simply being a signed first edition.

A lettered edition is a very limited edition, in which there are only 26 or 52 copies. This is often done in conjunction with a numbered limited…