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Oolong has recently written an excellent piece on humans' desire to make sacrifices without clear reference to evidence that these sacrifices do any good. After much discussion, it was determined that there was no existing label that framed this tendency as a cognitive bias1.

And so a term was coined. The Builds-Character Heuristic refers to the idea that if you work hard, make…

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air around us, and 3.2% of our own bodies. It is the fourth most abundant element in humans, after oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. As an essential component of all proteins, it is one of the elements that makes life possible.

In air, it is mainly found in its elemental state - molecules of N2, with two nitrogen atoms that are tightly bonded together. Being tightly held together with a triple bond, they are hard to break apart, making elemental nitrogen…

At a health care town hall last year, our representative said that US citizens have not given Congress a mandate for health care.

I raised my hand. "I beg to differ. The mandate is already law. The law says that no person in the US can be refused care at any emergency room. We have the mandate. Unfortunately the emergency room is the most expensive and cruel and last minute care that we could possibly choose."

Expensive: any ER visit costs more than a whole day of visits to…