Sorry, I missed a week. I was busy.

Today I pooped. While pooping, I saw a bit of graffiti (this was in a college library) that said "Racism stops the progression of time". I thought this was pretty funny and would make a great slogan for a set of racist skincare products. I imagined a whole variety of creams and lotions made from the tears of Ku Klux Klan members as they were forced to read post-modern feminist African-American literature about "roots" and vaginas and affirmative action in specially constructed harvesting stables. And pretty soon the same sort of people who wrote all those things would logically form PETR (pronounced "Peter"), or People for the Ethical Treatment of Racists and they would come out against racist factory farms and pretty soon people would be buying free-range and organic racist products ("raised free in the hills of Appalachia!" "unexposed to the S.C.U.M. manifesto!"). Somebody would make hand-crafted, artisanal, holistic racist products in their backyard with their Conservative Republican friend who volunteered to read demographic projections for the United States of America over the next 50 years. It would become a whole billion dollar industry. Eventually people would realize that it was more practical to actually be a little bit racist themselves and the industry would collapse in the face of DIY racism. Ironically, interracial relations would improve dramatically because it would become apparent that people were racist simply for their health rather than out of any actual hatred. Due to this fostering of understanding, slightly racist world peace would be achieved.

Nothing else happened today.

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