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mission drive within everything
live life to the max, if u find max - bring him to me
Music&Film lover - enjoy the arts, thats what theyre there for
i hate my school and not going to endorse it
JUDGE ye not, or lest be judged, OR YEE BE JUDGEDTH upon the judged!!!
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If you are depressed, listen to the sunscreen song by Baz Lurhmann.
Also try and watch *up-lifting films* such as Donnie Darko
lol no dont really fool!
Watch I dunno
something thinking while i write here...errrrrr
Oh....vanilla sky! thats quite cool, altho u mite wonder why u exist afterwards...well
you could watch OH AMERICAN BEAUTY! thats amazing, it should up-lift you

but dont watch if ure seriously depressed coz u mite kill ureselve anyway, just for the sake of it.
if u are guna kill ureself dont print this out and pin it to ure chest and then blast ureself in the face with a gun. Coz ure quite clearly guna make a mess, and nobody wants that, not ure parents, not the suicide clean up crew (three cheers for u fellas ;-) keep up the good work!)
heres a little story, i saw a documentary on those guys who clean up after suicides and deaths, (by accident i swear, i did not intent to watch tv on deathhhhhhhhhhh, like those deathhhhhhh obsessed people, why dont they concentrate on livvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving, huh?)
annnnnnnnnnnnyway (im having problems with my kkkkkkkkkkeyboard) well not really, but thats quite obvious

back to my story, hehe, i was wacthing this show, and the guy made a really kickass joke, he was saying: "yeah just another day at the office, im a really busy guy, people just dying to see me!!!!"(he was laughing)
Wooooooa that was *hilarious*........

Are you still depressed, fool, its silly, all teenagers get depressed, and the ppl who hang on to it, they cling on to it, becoz they cant do anything else, and its an ETERNAL SPIRAL OF EEEEEEEEEEVIL INTO THE OBLIVION OF HELL! the more they think, ooo my life's so bad they get more depressed, then they think, ooo everybody else is having so much fun and im stuck in depression,

Listen dumbass, theres only so much depression help out there, and im guessing they all pipe the same tune, and that is: you are the only person in the world that can get you out of it.
-if ure fat, err, im sorry, u just gotta stop eating.
-if ure ugly, err sorry, but work hard and earn money, then get a surgery
-if ure a loser, dont do stupid things, dont try and slot weird jokes into -conversation after HOURS of non-participation wen theres a sudden silence, the kind of silence after people have made jokes.
-if ure depressed for no reason, but because uve become engulfed in this new age era of "standing out and being different" the whole individuality shite, and not being part of the masses of sheep, FINE I UNDERSTAND.

however dont go off and stray so far from the normal that nobody can recognise what you dress like and nobody understands ure abnormal talking method!

The Arts
Love and/or sex

(true love is only real my friend when they love u back, sorry if they dont, but ull have to move on, dont go mental, its just a deeply intense infatuation with somebody, dont let it become an obsession and dont stalk! If u dont let go of them, ull never ever again believ that sombody can match up to their fine qualities, the truth being, infact, there are many, many people better then that person, and i dont need to meet the person ure thinking about to know that!!!)

Oh, Apocalypse Now, yeah thats a good film....well again
If u are a deeply engulfed Depresso, im thinking Pseudo-Gothic, Neo-Gothic, or whatever silly foolish little word they find in the dictionary to put before Gothic - type of Gothic person, dont watch Apocalypse Now, watch it later!

(god that was lame, ill change this wen i can be assed..)