This recipe was invented while extremely hung over. Surprise surprise. It is essentially a double-decker fried bread sandwich with cheese, bacon, egg, and dijonnaise.


  • A quality olive oil. Extra light will do, extra virgin is better, especially for the bread.
  • 100g good quality bacon (no rinds, and trim off most of the fat to minimise curliness.
  • 2 eggs (free range of course)
  • 3 pieces of really excellent bread. White, brown, wholemeal, I don't care.
  • Garlic.
  • Dijonnaise. I recommend Maille, as it's got a decent boot to it, but anything of quality will do.
  • 2 large slices of cheddar (or similar) cheese.


  1. Get enough oil in the pan to fry a little of the garlic, then get the bacon in there. For an Australian flavour, throw in some onions at this stage too. I use Masterfoods' Moroccan Spices at this stage usually as well. It turns the bacon orange but it tastes VERY good.

  2. Once that lot are done to your taste, pull it out and stick it somewhere warm. If you have a big enough pan you can make the bread at the same time as the bacon, but most people don't.

  3. Fry the bread. You will probably need to add more oil to do this. I usually sprinkle some more of the Moroccan spice on each side of the bread, but again - not necessary. For those who haven't made fried bread before, basically you just make sure both sides are wet with oil, but not soggy, then slap it in a fry pan turning occasionally until it's golden brown with a few little black bits here and there. Scrape them off once you're done. For perfect results, start with frozen bread. Be sure the bread can lie flat in the pan or else once the frying 'sets' it you'll end up with bent bread. The outside will be nice and fried, and the inside of each slice will be perfect tasty fresh bread.

  4. While the bread is frying, prepare your eggs. I recommend using my recipe for eggs calente but simply frying them or scrambling them will do. If you do fry them, I recommend runny yolks. It's icky and messy, but supertasty.

  5. Assemble the sandwich as follows: Fried slice, dijonnaise, cheese, egg, bacon, dijonnaise, REDO FROM START.

  6. Depending on how thick this monstrosity ends up being you may need some kind of spike through it to hold it all together.

  7. Call a goddamn ambulance, because you're not long for this world.

  8. Enjoy.