Movie Music of a Sort

A trumpet player is hired for a film score date during which he plays two extended solos and gets paid double scale for the six hour engagement. Afterwards the composer thanks him and promises that he'll send him a note when the film is released.

Six months later he gets a letter announcing the film's release, but is surprised to read that it's opening in Times Square at a XXX theater. Wanting to hear his solos set against the film, the trumpet player goes to the theater wearing a dark raincoat, a big hat and shades. Wishing to be as inconspicuous as possible, he takes a seat in the last row next to an elderly couple.

Finally the theatre lights dim. Sex acts of all kinds, inclusive of golden showers, group sex and sadomasochism commenced as soon as the title roll had finished. The trumpeter's music soared over the moaning and groaning of the actors. The film's climax features a dog having intercourse with the leading female character.

The musician, intensely embarrassed, turns to the elderly couple and whispers, "I played on the music score. I just came to hear my trumpet solos."

The elderly woman whispers in reply, "That's OK. We just came to see our dog."

UPDATE: Bitriot, after consultation, suggested that although I enhanced the story, it was sent to me by musician Pete Levin ( so I hereby give credit where it's due.