JK Rowling, the celebrity children's author, still awaits news of her pending lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed by Nancy Stouffer of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, claims that Rowling plagiarised her book The Legend of Rah and the Muggles published in 1984.

Some of the similarities in the books include the use of the word Muggles, which Stouffer uses to mean little people that help orphans and Rowling uses to mean non-magical people. Also, one of the characters who, in Rowling's book is Harry Potter's mother Lily, in Stouffer's book is the main character's best friend Lilly.

Rowling denies ever seeing Stouffer's book; however, the most notable similarity is in the main characters. Stouffer's Larry Potter and Rowling's Harry Potter are remarkably similar in each novel. It seems unlikely that both novels could have such similar storylines if Rowling never read the older book by Stouffer.