A City in West Midlands (the county), UK. During the Second World War it was almost totally destroyed by bombing, which has shaped its development and reputation ever since. In particular, Coventry Cathedral was totally destroyed, with the exception of a few timbers, which fell into the shape of a cross.

The city was rebuilt soon after the war, which lead to large amounts of concrete, terraced housing, and several large and ugly office buildings (by todays standards). This has led to an image of Coventry being a dull, grey concrete jungle. This reputation was not improved by the building of a large ring road, which wins prizes for its signposting and ease of use despite being a total bastard to actually drive on.

The nearby countryside makes up for many of these negative points. Nearby towns include Royal Leamington Spa, Banbury, Warwick and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Coventry is also very near to Birmingham, the second largest city in England.

Oh, and Lady Godiva rode naked here.