Made an appointment to get a massage this afternoon, and lordy lordy lord I need it. Came into work every day but Xmas this week. The combination of driving every day (usually I carpool) and working harder than usual (!!!)

I was expecting it to be a quiet week in which I'd be able to (1) catch up on my work, (2) prepare my 2001 agenda (transferring phone numbers, info, etc.), (3) update my resume and send it to my favorite head-hunters, (4) balance my checkbook, which is somehow $210 out of whack...

Maybe I was too ambitious. Maybe the lack of distractions makes me fall into my computer screen for hours. I sure didn't expect complicated emailed problems from co-workers in India.


Right after I finish this I'm going to turn my email's "out of office" autoreply on and try to be productive (shudder)