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Say g'night, E2. It's been fun- but it's over with. Nuke me in six months, m'dears- the 'Net access and the time just aren't there anymore. It's been fun!

And what are you going to do tonight, little bookmarks?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the universe.

...let's set the mood...
Music to node by
Beyond the Sea
I'll Believe in You
Killer Whale Tank
If I Had A Million Dollars
Kilted Yaksmen Anthem
Strong Enough
Nautical Disaster
On My Own
I Don't Want To Live on the Moon
Walk on the Ocean
Hey Jude

And now let's get it on...

Everything's Recipes
Everything Bartender
Out of Cheese Error
When life gives you lemons just shut up and eat your damn lemons

I'm a writer. What are you?
Cherryh's Law
Blah blah blah Supermodels blah blah blah

The Cremation of Sam McGee
The Canadian Creation Myth
i'm not anorexic, but i'm working on it
The moment you realize you can't be good at everything
Je ne parle qu'a des gens capables de m'entendre
The Naked and the Clothed
I don't know where he gets his words but I like them
You are taking yourself too seriously
You Can't Chop a Tree Down With Your Head
People are impossible. I should know, I'm one of them.
Measurements based on the human body
Measuring time by setting fire to various things
Why Monkey Brains Love Spaceship Rumbles
I was officially pronounced dead
You knew I was a rattlesnake when you picked me up
The customs of your tribe are not the laws of nature
All in green went my love riding
Why do some people enjoy being in nature?
Growing up means realizing that no one has to put up with your shit
women have a place, and it is...
Kateri Tekakwitha
What women think about men's obsession with beautiful girls
Out of the Cradle Endessly Rocking

Pride (aka Blatant Nodevertise O' the Day):
Walking After You

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