Charles Windsor is probably the most compelling argument for the abolition of the monarchy in this country. He frequently abuses his inherited position of privelige and public standing to promote his feeble-minded, mystical-ecological interests. In his own was he is as great an embarrassment for Great Britain as his father.

He wholly believes in the fraudulent quackery known as 'alternative medicine', stupidly and callously suggesting to cancer patients that they try accupuncture and aromatherapy on visits to hospitals.

He is fearful and vocally opposed to genetically modified crops- the very idea of them, regardless of who they are benefiting and the true nature of the risks and benefits involved. He, like most of the dwindling hardcore of anachronistic, attention-seeking, eco-fundamentalists, believes 'organic' to be a magic word and science to be a monolithic evil force, 'playing at being God'.

He is a fervent patron of the arts, or rather an elitist subset of the arts funded out of the public purse, never missing an opportunity to bad-mouth 'children's' computer games, even though they are the only growing and profitable sector of the entertainment industry in this country, and the one that is most likely to employ the majority of the next generation's illustrators, musicians and animators. He prefers his own children to partake in wholly commendable pastimes such as hunting and shooting, and going on skiing holidays at the taxpayers' expense.

He hates modern architecture, but then it is clear from his ill-informed outbursts on every other subject that he is hostile to any part of the modern world, a world that no longer owes a living to fatuous parasitical self-righteous winnets such as himself.

The massively personally embarrassing farrago that was 'Camillagate' speaks for itself and needs no further discussion here, being a mere detail in Charles's catalogue of ineptitude.

He does have some redeeming features however. One being his acknowledgement of Britain's multiculturalism, with some talk of his dropping the ceremonial title of 'defender of the faith'. Although whether he will take this to its logical conclusion and refuse to inherit the crown is yet to be seen.