Writeups by users hidden using the Pit of Abomination are still showing up in Cream of the Cool on the front page.

Cream of the Cool, along with most of the things on the front page, is generated cached once every few minutes, and displays the same for everybody. It is also a particularly expensive query that it runs, so changing it to running dynamically wouldn't be a great move either. Some solution similar to the feeder/filter method used right now for New Writeups might work, but I'd be concerned about the database load. -om

It might be a bit mad, but we could do it reasonably cheaply with CSS by giving titles and things 'by-user' classes, which would also have the inestimable advantage of allowing people to automatically embellish entries by their crushes with a purple background and little hearts and flowers. Just if anybody didn't have anything better to code... - Oo