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Funny how there are no writeups in this node that really seem to define what sex is.

Sex is the blessed union between two individuals for the purpose of conception.

The repeated thrusting of an erect penis into a vagina for the goal of expelling sperm towards an egg.

Sex is dildos and bondage and threesomes and orgies. Pillows and satin and showers and candles. A man and a woman. Two men, or two women.

Sex is penetration. Sex is satisfaction. Sex can be beautiful and ugly, relieving and painful at the same time.

Sex is a game. A career. An addiction. Sex is a crime.

Sex is not love, and love is not sex.

Sex is impatient, sex is unkind. It is envious, boastful and proud. It is rude, and self seeking, easily angered. Sex does not delight in the truth but rejoices with evil.

Sex is what all the dinners, all the movies, ice skating, and childish laughter; what all the kissing and holding and squeezing; the stroking and sucking and biting and pounding and grinding lead up to:

Screaming and moaning; bed thumps against the wall, springs squeaking, bodys throbbing and squishing and pounding… pounding harder… and harder, faster, louder… brain turning to a white fog of sparkle, breathing harder and harder, forgetting to breathe, forgetting where your body is, and who is with it; forgetting all but a sensation: tingly and cloudy nothingness, as you float back to the bed.

Sex is fun.