Crispin Hellion Glover was born on September 20, 1964 in New York City. Glover moved to Los Angeles and started acting in grammar school. When he was 13, was in a production of "The Sound of Music" with Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady). His first television work was on Happy Days in 1974.

Glover's "big break" came in 1985 when he played George McFly in Back to the Future. In 1987 an apparently drunk or stoned Crispin Glover demonstrated his martial arts technique to the nation by sending a roundhouse towards David Letterman's head.

Crispin Glover is the author of a number of books (all put out by Volcanic Eruptions) including Rat Catching (1987), Oak Mot (1990), Concrete Inspection (1992) and What It Is and How It Is Done (1999). He's also put out the album "The Big Problem" (1989).

He currently lives in Los Angeles.