Slept in.
I slept in until 8:00 this morning. Felt damn good, too. The ship pulled back into port to let the Air Wing (pilots and their support people) on, and I got to spend about an hour at home this morning. I had to come back for six hours, and then got to go home again around 6:00 pm. My wife had new jammies, and looked especially cute. My daughters were a little whiny, and my son was feverish and had a stuffy nose. She is an amazing woman. I've been gone a week, and the house was immaculate (besides the usual mess that children create by their mere presence). She's pretty cool, and I'm a lucky man.

I did the usual husband/dad things during my hour--picked up dog poop, emptied the diaper pail and the trash, and did the dishes. Just my little contribution to Mother's Day.

Aircraft Carriers can be pretty damn impressive...
I was driving back to the ship after my one hour parole this morning, and I realized that my home away from home appears majestic, even awe-inspiring. One thousand feet long, Seventy thousand tons, and five thousand of my closest friends.
Came home and helped put the girls to bed. Tadpole was feeling worse and had gone to sleep around 5:00pm with a temperature just under 105 F. Kids can have a pretty high temperature before cooking their brains, but it's not very pleasant. He woke up around 7:00, crying and calling his mom. "I want my mom", he sobbed. We drugged him with motrin and tylenol, and his fever broke around 7:30.
My wife looks even more delectable when wet.
But unfortunately she was tired too, so we went to bed early, around 10:30. I cleaned the boy's room before that, searching in vain for the baby monitor.
My brain has been in terrier mode today.
I keep trying to find things, unsuccessfully, and get hopelessly one track about it. I spent an entire hour trying to find the baby monitor. A serious waste of my limited time at home. I have to get up the most unnatural hour of 3:40 am and leave for another few days.

In the navy...you can sail the seven seas. Come on, everybody sing!