Going down the road feeling...anxious substituted in this Grateful Dead Song)

I regret having put rabbit ears on my 35 inch TV, (even though it was a $39.95 (suchn' deahlgh) "stealth" flat profile one, though, and it'll pay for itself in 75 days {the cable fee formula -- wish I had time to put in the html symbols for statistical... ---}) So sorry to have to see Congressman scrambling away from their duties, and I work for the Post Office that delivers mail (albeit, not theirs, maybe.)

My wife has been plagued by neck pain and sore throat for weeks, and yesterday after picking up my car (there is a price to pay for labor and parts for Lincolns: $784 big ones) I took her down (she drove, I rode "shotgun" (figuratively)...I beg off driving if I can, since I do 150+ miles a day) to our HMO clinic. (The one I have had for a long time isn't in Pennsylvania.) I wait in the parking lot, falling asleep between the automobile sounds going by, and the sun's reflection off of their passing windows blasting through my closed eyelids.

Next thing I hear is the dinging of the chimes as the car door is opened, she's back.

"What was the verdict?" I ask.

"She didn't see anything." She replied. "I got my neck X-Rayed, and I gotta go back for a Barium, and bone density test. You'll have to take off the first of November."

"I can't take off again," I whinged, "didn't you make the appointment for the afternoon so when I get home (at noonish) you can go?"

"That was all they had, and besides I can't eat for a day beforehand."

At least "The Moonlighters" was funny.

The moral of the story

She didn't get any antibiotics...we figure there must be word out to hold back giving them out with the Anthrax business.

Thoughts on the Radio on the way to work this morning

The Eagle Forum was happy to announce the 5th Circuit Court upheld the private ownership of firearms (as opposed to state organized militia) as the meaning of the US Constitutions' Second Amendment. Art Bell was back on the radio, and I forget what they were talking about (I can only hold so much mental notes...) I'm actually quite lower middle middle class so I can't afford a PDA... The Continental had 77,000 miles on it when I bought it, and the repair bill was 75% of my bi-weekly take home pay...that's why I am saving up to replace my 13" monitor with a 19" but something always comes up.)

What I am happy but overworked with

I got to level 3, but, now the 20 vote responsiblity! Got to get reading, voting now...how can I read and write?