Return to October 11, 2001 (thing)

This day (the wee mornin' hours of it) had a propitious beginning, as I was making my morning journey to bring home the Kevin Bacon, I saw a small bright blast high in the horizon, a cross between fireworks and a shooting star. It squiggled in its brief trail towards earth.

Naturally, with current events being what they are, I could not take the sight out of my mind's eye, but everything seemed to go normally around me, and no breaking news on the radio. Just like Sundaymorning before dawn when all the power went off (losing all my rather long write-up in progress) and I went to the window looking for any glow in the horizon, but all I saw was everyone sharing the same darkness. I can think of the song "Darkness, Darkness" by Jesse Colin Young, " my pillow..."

Everybody just knows that to live in an understandable fear would be as enervating an existence as wondering if one's flu-like symptoms are just that. I pray for the best.

(Then, just before noon:) I had ten minutes to leave work in my Post Office, (near the window section), I heard the fire trucks outside, and they seemed closer than just going by the relatively busy roads that go by us. I then heard walkie talkies in our lobby just on the other side of the customer's mailboxes.

It must have been only two minutes when several co-workers were crying out, "They're evacuating the building!" Another said, "It's an Anthrax scare." I looked around, and people were moving, and then comes to our door a fireman fully equipped, with gas mask, and other ecoutements, asking, "Is there any one else in there?" I said, "Yes, what is going on?" The response was, "There was a suspicious package leaking a substance on the back dock." Two more fireman were behind him, I ran back in got my lunch bag, and sweater and went out past the gathering firemen, customers, and employees; I saw my boss before going out, and told him, "yeah, they mean it." Outside since I had about 8 minutes left on my tour, I asked him if he would take care of my end of day time. He nodded affirmative. There must have been more than a dozen firetrucks in the parking lot, several police cars, and by the time I was exiting in my car I saw the Hazard Response Team truck arriving. I suppose I'll have to follow this up.