Mid-term Report

I daylog when it's time to GTKY. IT'S TIME !

Career Schmeer

I finally got my one year anniversary gold-plated pin from my security company employer. I won't say who, cuz they might think it's SEKRIT ! We are in deep and fresh offal compost with our short-staffageness sic. I actually stood up to the supervisor (a 20-year retired E-9 Marine, and quite the gravel-voiced one when provoked.) Righteous indignation bolsters one's bravado quite sufficiently, and I blasted him for taking a two-week vacation, and continuing to work with 4 days (including weekends) off, while he left a schedule making guards work 6 or 7 days a week, and many working a lot of 12 hour days. The old retired cop found himself coming in at midnight and working until noon (when either I, on weekends, or my partner everyday, came in in the PM to relieve him.)

Well, this was to be temporary, but indefinite, and the rumblings and grumblings began to rise in amplitude, with much 'tude, until the guy came back. And when I saw him in here the day that I originally wanted off, but cancelled, (with the next one, too), so I could go to an interview 4 or more hours away; I chewed him but good. The invective and bluster was parried worse than Agassi at Wimbleton. Bottom line: This week has only two 12 hour days, I get one day, and some more, and we'll see....(So glad I've got my Civil Service Retirement coming once a month!)

Letters to the Editor

I've had difficulty lately noding at home, where all my references are, for domestic and logistic reasons. Hey, I'm doing it at work, here, but then, again, this is a daylog. Hopefully the dear reader doesn't think it tear-waterlogged. Anyway, I digresseth, and while my soul undresseth; I am happy with the POWERS TO BE, may their virtual dwelling in Olympia Typewriter Land, be a blessed one. I appreciate all their work. And I think they even laud those that have constructive criticism, though I would've been way to chicken to say stuff in this daylog that I might in the catbox. So many times, my pulse raced, in and out of error, over differences of opinion, and spoke rudely, but most always asked forgiveness for my sociopathy.

Last Thoughts

Ummm, let's see, this letter wasn't to buss butts; war is Hell, we should have worked things out more diplomatically with Muslim leaders way earlier, and maybe we could've avoided current horrific messes. But, now support our troops, pray for a quick peace, and to bring them home. Try what I do: go to the Prince of Peace, try Him, you'll like Him, I promise. Until later, I love you all.

Taking the 'sin' out of Sincerely,

The dzs