Come be Entertained by Baltimore's Divine Waters

- or -

Left Brain Versus Right Brain: An E2 Minimeet to Salute Arts and Engineering

When was it?

April 13, 2002 -- For most of the day, depending on who you were.

What happened?

We attended the annual East Coast National Championship Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, a project overseen by the American Visionary Art Museum. It's an annual hodgepodge of DIY engineering projects decorated with garish art -- Or is it a hodgepodge of DIY art projects enhanced with garish engineering? We never quite decided.

Gorgonzola's WU below covers the race itself rather well.

Who was witness to this debauchery?

But alas, our communication was weak and we failed to all rendezvous at the same time/place. I guess we'll have to remedy that next year by building our own race vehicle!

Where can I go to see pictures and stuff?

For starters, try the AVAM's website for the event ( Baltimore's City Paper (, search for "kinetic sculpture") may have pictures, eventually. Or, if you just want to see the smiling faces of noders, check out Brian's spiffy photos at .

But this didn't have anything to do with Divine or John Waters!

Wow, you're observant.

Dude, Baltimore was really a weird place!

We get that a lot, hon. Have yourself some Berger Cookies, take a gander at Haussner's, see the site where until recently Memorial Stadium stood, drink some National Bohemian, take in a talkie at the Senator Theater and we'll get back to you on it.