f1r3br4nd: I have given thought to what one (well, me, actually) might do with the E2 code. The basic organization of Everything2 is (as I see it) like that of a jar of pennies. If you turn your back on it, it will attack and kill you. Wait, no, I meant it's not organized into categories, or sorted into lists other than the few (the proud) metanodes. I thought it would be a very neat idea to have users of a new database able to create and control (to some extent) their own nodespaces. Nodes would be able to cross reference (link) to nodes in their own spaces and in others. Each nodespace would have a front page, maybe some sort of rating system to keep the really bad nodespaces out of the way (but not necessarily out of sight.) This would add a lot of structure to an Everything-like system. Some people might view this as a disadvantage, while some people might see it as a large improvement. Personally, I think it's both:
  • Questions arise, "Where do I post a certain node?" (Maybe nodes could exist in more than one nodespace, and could be picked up by other nodespaces given certain conditions such as X softlinks to it from one nodespace. Perhaps there would be some sort of default/root nodespace for new nodes? I don't know.)
  • Wouldn't this partition the community? (Probably)
  • Any others?
Please /msg me, anyone who feels they like/dislike this idea, or if they were offended by my burrito remark.