A goth rock song by The 69 Eyes, from the album Blessed Be. All things considered, one of their best works.

To paraphrase certain poster parody: "If your wrists are undamaged after listening to this song, you aren't a True Teen Goth." =)

Let's take a good shining (not literally) example of goth style - The Crow - and the lead actor who met his end during the production in tragic circumstances. There is no way you can get a song much darker in content.

The music video for this is also interesting, yet it could be argued that all of the band's videos are somewhat bland compared to what they could be. It weaves together scenes sort of similar to the movie, and the "the band tooting" and "singer throws away his sunglasses in the middle of the night" clich├ęs. And nitpickers think Eric and Shelley don't look like Eric and Shelley, but hey, what can you get with this budget? Oh, and when I made a VideoCD with this video for my sister, I used the first frame of the video as the menu thumbnail. (Pitch black. You know, can't get more goth than that.)

The lyrics used to be here. I removed them because of copyright reasons. If you think this was a Wrong Thing to Do, node them back, but ask the permission from the lyrics author.