Last night round ten I drank a Jack Daniels and Coca Cola. A long day in front of a computer and a stiff drink dropped me like a Roy Jones Jr. hook. I woke up at 4AM this morning confused but feeling good. So I decided to go to the HEB for some groceries, without cable, 4AM gives me limited options. Rolling Lamar st I waved at cabs and flicked them off in the rear view. Sounds mean but cab drivers do this, and you gotta go with the flow when surrounded by cabs and flashing yellows. KVRX, the University of Texas's college radio station, spills beautiful music in the late hours and today was no different. HEB's visible population might have been 5, one check out clerk, 4 stockers to be seen. Towards the end of my shopping in the produce section, REM's What's the Frequency Kenneth? came on. Now moments come and moments go, but this one was truly beautiful. For the first time in about 2 years, everything was what it should be. I sat there in awe as oranges, apples, cilantro, potatoes, and every other vegetable or fruit in that entire section enjoyed REM's music with me. I thrive on human contact but I have to admit, I think more moments like this would make life a bit better. And the oranges? They did shine.......and in a way you never see.