The X-files

Ascension (Part 2 of 2)
Episode: 2X06
First aired:10/21/94
Written by: Paul Brown
Directed by: Michael Lange

At the end of Duane Barry, we see Scully being kidnapped by Barry.

Mulder listens to his message from Scully hearing her talk about her discovery but then hearing Duane Barry attacking her. Mulder rushes to Scully's apatment and finds Scully's mom in a frantic state. She claims that she had a dream that Scully was taken away.

Mulder and Krycek talk to Skinner who has a hard time believing Mulder's alien abduction story. He tells Krycek to make sure Mulder got home alright and that Mulder can't work on the case.

Meanwhile, we see Duane Barry driving down an interstate with Scully bound and gagged in the trunk. He is stopped by an officer but when Scully tries to scream and bang on the trunk, Barry shoots the officer. Barry goes to the trunk and opens it to look at Scully.

This incident is caught on tape from the patrol car and Mulder is able to see that Scully is still alive.

Taking clues from recordings from Barry, Mulder finds that he is going to Skyland mountain. He tells Krycek that they're going. Krycek calls Cigarette-Smoking Man about his plans and tells him that he'll hold Mulder off.

Mulder and Krycek reach the mountain they find that Barry has started driving up the mountain. Mulder insists that he use the cable car that is not working properly yet. When he's almost up to the top Krycek knocks that conductor out and stops the car. But Mulder makes it to the top.

He finds Barry's car -- in the trunk is Scully's golden cross. He hears Barry and races toward him but Scully is nowhere to be seen. Barry says "they took her."

Mulder talks to Barry when a team has taken custody of him and Mulder springs on him and chokes him when Barry wont cooperate.

Moments later, when Krycek is talking to Barry, alone, Barry goes into cardiac arrest and dies.

Krycek talks to CSM again who tells him that Scully has been taken care of and that he has to keep Mulder's trust.

Mulder believes that Barry was poisend and the blame was on him, and the military knows of Scully's whereabouts. Mulder notices cigarrettes in the ashtray of Krycek's car and realizes that Krycek has been meeting with CSM. However Krycek is now missing and Skinner reopens the X-files.

Mulder meets with Ms. Scully and offers her the cross, but she tells Mulder to hold onto it when they find Scully.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Where is she? Where'd you leave her?"
Barry -- "They took her."
Mulder -- "Who?"
Barry -- "Them! I told you they would take somebody else. They did!"

CSM -- "Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade."
Krycek -- "What about Scully?"
CSM -- "We've taken care of that."

Man -- "Why are you so paranoid, Mulder?"
Mulder -- "Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because I find it hard to trust anybody."

X -- "There are no answers for you, Mister Mulder. They only have one policy... deny everything."

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