At the top of the Empire State Building, there's a bar, and on a couple of bar stools are two pretty drunk guys.
Drunk 1 turns to Drunk 2 and says: did you know that this building is really special because of wind currents?
D2: Huh?
D1: No, really. See, because of all the tall buildings around here, the wind funnels between them and becomes stronger and has a big uplift. I could jump out of this window right now and the winds would push me straight back up to the ledge again!
D2: No way.
D1: Yeah! Jumps out of window
Drunk man flies down the side of the ESB, and slowly grinds to a halt in mid air, then flies backwards up again and lands on the ledge.
D2: That was amazing! Do it again, so I can see how it works. Walks over to watch
D1 jumps out again, and comes back up. D2: Wow! It does work, I'm going to try! Jumps out of window and falls, gathering speed, terminal velocity...
BOOM!!! Splatters into tiny chunks all over the block!
D1 walks back to the bar and sits down on his stool grinning.
Barman: You know, Superman, you really are an arsehole when you're drunk!