Today I read the first bit of an interesting article in the New York Times. The headline read “In One Rocky Week – Trump’s Self Inflicted Chaos on Vivid Display.” The sixth paragraph ended with the phrase “ has also become clear that Mr. Trump, an agitator incapable of responding proportionately to any slight, appears hellbent on squandering his honeymoon.”

I suppose that many of those who sing in the same Choir as the NYT will be ingratiated with whatever comes after that remark. I found so much parody and self inflicted scorn in that claim, that I was unable to finish the article. I cannot take an author seriously that thinks there was any such honeymoon for Trump to squander. If Julie and Maggie (authors of the article in question) have engaged in any such romantic interlude with the Donald, I am unaware of it.

Had these authors at the Times any modicum of dignity, they might give Trump a little credit for the few things he does right, and stop this crazy bickering for which they are no less responsible than the Donald. Donald Trump is just trying to figure out what a conservative is. I have no idea about whether or not he will be successful in that endeavor, but I hope he achieves it.

As far as the Obama-care issue goes, I wish the Republicans would just leave it alone for a couple more years. Let the Democrats own it. If they think it needs fixing, let them figure out how to fix it. After about two more years of the mandated IRS implementation of enforcement, it should become evident to everyone how fair, equitable, and open healthcare has become by placing it under the federal umbrella. Anyone who still hopes for fairness, equality, and kindness to be administrated at the highest level of government, whether that be Federal or Global, has just not been paying much attention to what is going on. They will be getting plenty more of what they deserve, and seem to constantly ask for, in due time. Meanwhile it is wonderful to see how much one man can increase the entertainment value of the political news as we watch the continuing saga of the honeymoon between Julie and Maggie (i.e. “The Media”) and the Donald. It is a marriage made in heaven, or somewhere thereabouts.