"Liberality For All" is an 8 issue comic book mini-series published by ACC (A Comics Collective). It is written, created and lettered by Mike Mackey, and mostly illustrated by Donny Lin. Here is a tag-line from a banner on the comic's web-page:

"Can Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North, save America from an Orwellian nightmare of Ultra-Leftist oppression?"

"Liberality For All" takes place in an 'What-if?' Universe where Al Gore was elected president in the year 2000. It turns out he's a leader with not near the stockade of scrotum and vision bestowed upon George W. Bush. As a result, Al Qaeda and their enablers aren't dealt with as harshly and effectively as they were in our reality. Gore's presidency is followed by the election of a string of left-wing leaders who gradually give in to the demands of Islamic extremists and the double-dealing UN. Most of these concessions serve to erode America's lone superpower status, leading to a situation in which the United States is geopolitically impotent and on the verge of being assimilated by a rising one world government.

This comic is set in the year 2021. Chelsea Clinton is president, and Michael Moore is her second in line. Usama Bin Laden is a broadly accepted UN ambassador, while Jacques Chirac serves as Secretary General. The vast majority of American conservative figures have been silenced by a combination of anti-hate speech legislation and ruthless assassination at the hands of molly-coddled Islamicists. Some conservatives (including those already mentioned) have taken themselves underground, forming a resistance group known as "The Freedom of Information League", or F.O.I.L.

Upping the ante, these media personalities have cybernetically enhanced themselves, in preparation for battle. Sean Hannity seems the most transformed. He has a robotic arm that doubles as a radio broadcast device, and all that remains of his right eye is a handsome, scarred pit. Presumably both body-parts were lost in the valiant defense of freedom. Outwardly, G. Gordon Liddy doesn't look very modified, but he's 90-plus years old in this comic, still looks the picture of health, and is able to ride his motorcycle across roof-tops and through billboards -- so I suspect there is some internal juju going on there. Then again, he is an incredibly robust, healthy man at present date , and it's entirely possible that he simply managed to remain that way. Ollie North is a little more affected by his advancing age, and gets around with the help of a cane.

The plot revolves around F.O.I.L and a young man named Reagan McGee (born on September 11th, 2001) teaming up in order to thwart the evil plans of Ambassador Bin Laden, who isn't quite as reformed as his admirers would like to believe. Having been provided with a suitcase nuke by Iraqi President Uday Hussein, Bin Laden plans to personally execute a horrific attack at the official unveiling of New York's brand new "Unity Tower", which had been constructed at the WTC site. Bin Laden has been invited to the festivities as a guest of honor, so getting in poses him no challenge.

The mini-series and its creators were apparently the subject of a 40 minute segment on G. Gordon Liddy's radio show, and there are already tentative plans for a feature on Sean Hannity's broadcast. At this date there is no word on whether Oliver North has expressed any interest in dedicating air-time to the series.

Yes, this is really a comic book.